Melissa Cross

As supervisor of the SSL residential group for the past 23 years, Melissa oversees a large staff of highly qualified paralegals that aggressively analyze the physical characteristics for properties under review before a recommendation is made to the legal staff. Her in-depth assessment analysis over the years has been the basis for more than 30,000 successful residential assessment complaints, and real property tax refunds surpassing $8 million.

Melissa is an integral part of our office and has been recognized as one of the top residential real estate assessment analysts in the field. Her extensive experience in the valuation process has concentrated on residential properties in Cook and in the outlying counties to contest any assessment that appears excessive in value, but to also guarantee clients the uniformity in taxation required under Illinois law. 

Melissa has also assisted the firm in securing favorable property assessments and taxes for clients through the pursuit of equitable fair market values, applicable incentives and reduced tax rates. She also assists in the research, drafting and review of filings before administrative agencies and analysis of real estate appraisals and other relevant data in preparation for administrative and court filings of all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Meet Our Team

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Leonard M. Schiller

Tax Attorney

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Abby L. Strauss

Tax Attorney

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Melissa Cross

Senior Tax Analyst


“I’ve been a client of Schiller, Strauss and Levin for many years.  Leonard Schiller, Melissa Cross and  their entire team have saved me thousands in real estate taxes over that period of time. They are experts in their field and their professionalism and communication with their clients is unparalleled in the industry.  I highly recommend them.”

Ross P.

The best way to attract new clients is to take care of the ones you have.”

Nancy B.

Melissa and her team are the best in the business.”

Brian G.

“Your suggestion to use Melissa for property tax appeal turned out very well. They got it knocked down to $55k for next 3 years.  Last year it was $50k and cook county had tried to raise it to $72k”

Sarah C.

“Thank you for your diligent efforts and successful outcome. It is greatly appreciated.”

Jerry T.

“Own property in Cook County and want your taxes reduced? Call Abby. She knows real estate property tax law as good as anyone. We continue to use her services for many years.”

John O

“Abby's work as a real estate tax attorney is incredibly thorough! She has found tax reductions for many of my clients and myself!”

Susan M

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