The Pappas Study

November 2, 2020
Screenshot of Cook County Treasurer's Office website

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas on Monday released an unprecedented study of property taxes that shows the county’s tax bills virtually doubling over 20 years, an increase that is nearly triple the rise in the cost of living index.

“The Pappas Study” is a painstaking examination of tax bills on Cook County’s 1.7 million parcels of property that shows the increase of total taxes over the past 20 years, and allows taxpayers to see the increases in bills on their homes, businesses and land.

Treasurer Pappas has revamped so that property owners can look up the history of their tax bills going back to 2001.


  • Search for the 20-year tax bill history of your property here.
  • The Pappas Study is posted here.
  • The news release is posted here.
  • Interactive ward map of Chicago is posted here.
  • Interactive map of Cook County suburbs is posted here.

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